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The Town of Thurber
The Horseshoe Bar in Thurber's downtown, Snake Saloon.
A gathering in Thurber's Plaza, Sunday June 17, 1917.
New #3 Coal Mine
Thurber had many bands. Shown is the Miner's Band with members wearing miner's caps.
Thurber was a musical city whose Opera House featured opera's musicals, stage plays, balls and later, movies.
The September 1903 meeting between W.K. Gordon, E.L. Marston and UMW John L. Lewis, which made Thurber a 100% union town.
Tent City, September 1921. Some of the families of laid-off workers who lived in tents just north of Thurber after the mines temporarily closed in 1921.
A miner demonstrates how Thurber's narrow coal vein was dug; a prone position and light weight pick.
Thurber Cemetery St. Barbara's Church Monument To Those In Unknown Graves
R.D. Hunter, President of T & P Coal Co.

W.K. Gordon, VP and General Manger who discovered Ranger Oil Field in 1917 W.W. Johnson, in 1886 developed first coal mine in Thurber
W.K. Gordon brought in the Discovery Well McCleskey No. 1 on October 17, 1917 at Ranger, Texas. The resulting oil field was managed from Thurber, Texas by T&P Coal and Oil Company.
Smoke Stack